Rotorua NOW Home: Interim Performance Monitoring

Roman Jaques, Ian Mathews, Andrew Pollard.

This interim report outlines the status of the performance monitoring dataset, as much analysis as possible on that dataset, a post-occupancy evaluation of the occupants during the first year of habitation and a comparative analysis with the experience of monitoring performance of the Waitakere NOW Home.

The electrical energy consumption between October 2006 and October 2007 is approximately 6,800kWh, or approximately 96% of the general Hamilton/Tauranga figure of 7,095kWh according to HEEP data. The average of the total water use over the monitored period for the Rotorua NOW Home is around 798 litres per day. This compares to a total of 755 litres per day usage for the Waitakere NOW Home.

The temperature levels for the Rotorua NOW Home are low, being below 16ºC for at least 45% of the time over winter. However, the occupants have not explicitly complained of the cold. The temperature and humidity levels of the master bedroom are of particular concern. There was an overall (but qualified) positive response in terms of the way the house was performing and how the occupants viewed the services being provided.