Welcome to Beacon's Knowledge Base

This is the repository for all that Beacon has learned since 2005. You'll find the reports and learnings from our research and demonstration projects into:

  • How our homes can be warmer, drier, healthier, affordable, cost less to run, and low carbon
  • How our neighbourhoods can be adaptable, sustainable and a place people enjoy living.

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New homes

Come here to find research into designing and building new homes and the results from our demonstration new homes:

  • The Waitakere NOW Home
  • The NZHF HomeSmart Home
  • The High Performance House at HIVE

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Existing homes

Come here to find our research into upgrading existing homes and our demonstration retrofit projects:

  • Build Back Smarter in Christchurch
  • HomeSmart Renovation project
  • Papakowhai Renovation project

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Come here to find the tools we’ve developed to guide good practice, sustainable neighbourhoods and developments

  • The Medium Density Assessment tools
  • The Neighbourhood Sustainability Framework and tools

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Resources for homeowners

Come here to find out how to make your home warmer, drier, healthier and cheaper to run.

  • A homeowner manual
  • Fact sheets and checklists
  • Where to go for advice

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Resources for councils

Come here to find:

  • A Resource Manual for Local Government
  • Water demand management tools
  • Housing typologies in your area

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Resources for government

Come here to find:

  • Beacon’s High Standard of Sustainability
  • The National Value Case for Sustainable Housing
  • How large scale house upgrades can create jobs

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Early research

Come here for the reports from Beacon’s original research programme:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Indoor Environment Quality
  • Systems/Materials
  • Market Transformation

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