Existing homes

Home Performance Advisor training

Cold, damp houses and energy / water inefficient houses are impacting New Zealanders’ health and pockets. Independent, personalised advice has been shown to be an effective way to help people make positive changes in their homes.

Training for quality advice

Community Energy Network, the Toimata Foundation and Beacon have developed an industry-recognised certification programme for advisors in the home energy efficiency and house performance sector.

The vision of the Home Performance Advisor scheme is for homeowners to be able to rely on advice that is based on the latest research and best practice. Advice should be tailored for their home, and independent so that they know it’s not trying to sell them anything.

Becoming a Home Performance Advisor

To become a Home Performance Advisor, you need to complete two courses:

  • Principles of Home Performance
  • Home Performance Advisor Certification

Principles of Home Performance gives you a holistic understanding of how houses work. The Certification course provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of home performance.

Passing the Principles of Home Performance is a pre-requisite to taking the Certified Home Performance Advisor course, but can also be a stand-alone course for those for whom certification isn’t relevant:

Certified Home Performance Advisors will have access to the Practitioners’ Hub, an online forum for sharing resources, knowledge, good science, best practice and practical expertise.

Learning how to make energy work for a household

If you are a community, social or health worker who works directly with households where housing issues are impacting the household, this is the course for you.

The Energy Works course covers how households can save money in their energy use and how they can turn that saving into a warmer, drier, healthier home for their whānau.