Event New homes

Seeking research participants

Beacon Pathway, ANZ Aotearoa and Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington research project. Are you planning to build a new home soon, or in the future? Did you know that […]


Symposium – Turning Research into Action

Beacon Pathway is holding an end-of-year symposium to share insights from our work turning research into action. For almost 20 years Beacon has been carrying out research and demonstration projects […]

Beacon Pathway Inc

Do you want to help Beacon achieve its mission?

Are you passionate about improving the performance of New Zealand’s homes and neighbourhoods? Do you understand what it takes to deliver high quality action research and partner with others to […]

Curtains Healthy homes

Support Curtain Call and close the gap

Thank you for supporting Curtain Call. On Wednesday May 24th we launch our campaign urging the public to help us ‘close the gap’, by signing our petition to pressure all […]

Healthy homes

Gas hobs are bad for your health

US researchers have found that gas stoves let off pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Even when they are off, gas stoves leak methane, a greenhouse gas. […]

Energy hardship

Building community capacity to tackle energy hardship

We’re excited to start some work for Auckland Council talking to community organisations about what they need to provide healthy homes and energy efficiency advice as part of their existing […]


Good medium density reduces carbon

When we developed the medium density assessment tools, carbon reduction was barely on the agenda. Now, it’s front of mind and we’re delighted to be able to extend the assessment […]


Curtains and healthy homes

We know windows are the weakest link in our thermal envelope. While it’s great that Healthy Homes Standards are improving ceiling and underfloor insulation, addressing draughts, requiring efficient heating and […]

Home performance advice

Making energy work for whānau

Learn how to help whānau understand their energy use and actions within reach of whānau in their homes to prioritise energy use for heating and health. This new online course, […]


The magic of curtains

Everyone working on the ground with whānau and their homes has long agreed that curtains are important. Their experience told them that curtains made a difference to how comfortable a […]