Medium density housing assessment tools: Summary report

Verney Ryan, Bill Smith. This report summarises the research process, medium density housing outcome framework, tool development and case study testing to develop New Zealand-specific tools to assess medium density […]

Thermal bridging in external walls: Presentation of findings

Verney Ryan. This presentation summarises the findings of the two-stage project investigating thermal bridging in external timber-framed walls. Includes the stage one findings that there is higher timber content in […]

Thermal bridging in external walls: Stage two

Verney Ryan, Guy Penny, Jane Cuming (Part One only), Mal Riley (Part One only). Stage Two focused more deeply on the causes, impacts and potential solutions to the high percentages […]

Measuring the extent of thermal bridging in timber-framed external walls

Verney Ryan, Guy Penny, Jane Cuming. This report shares the results of Stage One of a project to investigate the extent of thermal bridging in external timber-framed walls of new […]

Exceeding the minimum for volume home builders

Verney Ryan, Andrea Blackmore. This project developed specific targeted advice aimed at the interaction point between volume home builders and home buyers to highlight higher performance options for typical volume […]

Industry perceptions of medium density consenting issues, challenges and suggested solutions

Verney Ryan, Bill Smith, Rachel Foster. This research explored with industry the challenges, problems and difficulties with consenting for medium density development, and sought potential solutions to the challenges. Interviews […]

Cost tower: Residential construction costs for affordable and social housing in Auckland 2015

Nick Collins, Michael Bealing. This report gathers empirical evidence of the actual costs of residential construction in Auckland, particularly the costs of affordable and social housing. It analyses data from […]

The HIVE High Performance House case study

Andrea Blackmore. Summary of the design and off-site construction of the HIVE High Performance House using Warmframe.

Residential construction waste reduction: Case studies and resources

Cambrian Berry. This report brings together existing national case studies of residential construction projects that sought to establish better waste management processes in order to identify existing known barriers and […]

High Performance House with Warmframe technology: Look book

Libby Elmore and Andrea Blackmore. This publication was produced as a ‘look book’ for the High Performance House built initially at the Prefab NZ Home Innovation Village (HIVE) in Christchurch.