Sustainability options for retrofitting New Zealand houses: Theoretical cost benefit analysis

Michael Phillips. A theoretical cost benefit for options to retrofit for water and energy was carried out using ALF. At a national level, the following options have a theoretical internal […]

Sustainability options for retrofitting New Zealand houses: Energy

Ian McChesney, Lynda Amitrano. This is a desktop study of all the existing research programmes that address the benefits of retrofitting house including: Housing, Insulation and Health (HIH) study – […]

Renewable energy opportunities in the New Zealand residential built environment

Chris Kane. This report provides a high-level view of low and renewable energy technologies in New Zealand, the level of uptake, who is involved in the market, and the potential […]

Impact of energy use information resulting in behavioural change

Albrecht Stoecklein. This report reviewed international research into whether information on energy usage or ways of improving energy has resulted in behavioural change. The objective of this study was to […]