Papakowhai Renovations: Householder experiences and perceptions

Rachael Trotman. This report presents the findings of post project interviews in March 2009 with three of the nine households involved in the Papakowhai Renovations Project in Wellington. Positive reported […]

Final monitoring report from the Papakowhai Renovations project

John Burgess, Nikki Buckett, Michael Camilleri, Lisa French, Andrew Pollard, Phil Hancock. The Papakowhai Renovation Project has monitored indoor environment, waste, water and energy parameters in nine homes in the […]

Housing typologies: Current stock prevalence

Ian Page, J. Fung. This report analyses the characteristics of the housing stock that affect the ability, opportunity and need to retrofit sustainability features. It covers such features as roof […]

Interim performance monitoring from Papakowhai Renovation project

John Burgess, Nikki Buckett. The Papakowhai Renovation Project has extensively monitored nine homes in the Porirua suburb of Papakowhai before and after sustainability intervention packages were applied to the homes. […]

Appendix C: Landlords energy survey

Kay Saville-Smith. A telephone survey of 491 landlords found resistance to investment in retrofitting and unresponsiveness to tenant demands or advice from professional bodies. Landlords report that they would renovate […]

Appendix B: Recent movers energy survey

Kay Saville-Smith. A postal survey of 724 homeowners found that recent movers resist significant investment in retrofitting but attempt to select resource efficient houses. They spend a relatively high amount […]

Appendix A: High energy user survey

Kay Saville-Smith. This survey of 700 householders found that high energy users resist investment in retrofitting and do not select resource efficient homes. Despite higher energy expenditure and incomes, householders […]

House owners and energy: Retrofit, renovation and getting house performance

Kay Saville-Smith. This report summarises three surveys of homeowner groups in New Zealand: high energy users, recent movers, landlords. It focuses on awareness, attitudes and efforts toward renovation, and willingness […]

Papakowhai Renovations: Impacts on householders and dwelling performance

Kay Saville-Smith. This report presents the findings of the in-depth interviews with nine of the ten householders involved in the Papakowhai retrofit, and comments on the learnings from Papakowhai in […]

Rotorua NOW Home: Interim Performance Monitoring

Roman Jaques, Ian Mathews, Andrew Pollard. This interim report outlines the status of the performance monitoring dataset, as much analysis as possible on that dataset, a post-occupancy evaluation of the […]