Beacon’s neighbourhood research and tools: A summary

Andrea Blackmore. This report summarises the research journey that underlies the development of the Neighbourhood Sustainability Framework and its assessment tools.  Sustainable neighbourhoods have always been part of Beacon’s vision […]

HomeSmart Renovations: Householder actions and responses to dwelling performance

Kay Saville-Smith, Ruth Fraser, Nikki Buckett, Michael Camilleri. This report presents self-reported and monitored data from householders participating in the HomeSmart Renovations Project. It describes the profile of those householders, […]

Solar assessment checklist

A checklist for homeowners on the suitability of their site for solar panels, and how to get the best out of the set-up.

HomeSmart Renovations Phase Two report: Progress of pilot

Lois Easton. This report documents Phase Two of the HomeSmart Renovations project. This phase covers all activities from the launch of the pilot to the completion of the Renovation Plans […]

Development of renewables framework for decision-making

Mandy Armstrong, Verney Ryan. This report analyses appropriate local renewable energy solutions for New Zealand houses and neighbourhoods. It sets out a framework for decision making to enable the process […]

Matching renewable technology to local resources at household and neighbourhood level

Mandy Armstrong, Verney Ryan. This report provides a repository for information to inform consumers about undertaking a site assessment in relation to the potential for electricity generation at their site […]

HomeSmart Renovations Phase One report: Development of procedures and establishing the pilot

Lois Easton, June Gibbons, Marta Karlik-Neale, Verney Ryan, Kay Saville Smith. This report documents Phase One of the HomeSmart Renovation project, covering all activities up to the launch of the […]

National neighbourhood baseline survey

Kay Saville-Smith. This report presents the findings of the national baseline survey of neighbourhood behaviours. The baseline data is used to drive the Resident Self-Report assessment component of Beacon’s Neighbourhood […]

Neighbourhood Sustainability Framework: Prototype

Kay Saville-Smith, Katja Lietz, Denise Bijoux, Megan Howell. Discusses nature and measurement of neighbourhood sustainability and presents the prototype Neighbourhood Sustainability Framework including Neighbourhood Sustainability Outcome Specification, Neighbourhood Sustainability Assessment […]

Testing the prototype Neighbourhood Sustainability Framework

Katja Lietz, Denise Bijoux, Kay Saville-Smith, Megan Howell. This report presents the findings of an evaluative assessment of the prototype Neighbourhood Sustainability Framework (NSF) presented in NH101/2 and released in […]