Upgrade or retire? Exploring factors in making decisions for privately owned homes in Tāmaki

Glenda Lock, Verney Ryan.

This research explored options for upgrading or retiring privately owned building stock at the development or neighbourhood level within the Tāmaki regeneration area.

The project sought to develop a structured comprehensive approach to decision making for Nga Iwi Kainga (representing community) and the regeneration project, based on three investigations:
1) A household-level investigation – this two part investigation involved a physical assessment of the home from both the perspective of performance and deferred maintenance (technical criteria); and an in-depth interview with at least one household member (social criteria)
2) A community-level investigation – this involved in-depth interviews with Tāmaki based organisations which are involved in either housing development or the provision of social infrastructure relating to housing (institutional criteria)
3) An economic investigation (economic criteria)