The NZHF HomeSmart Home: Occupants’ experience of the home and comparison with NOW Homes

Rachael Trotman.

Following on from its NOW Home projects in Waitakere and Rotorua, Beacon partnered with the New Zealand Housing Foundation in 2009 to develop and monitor a sustainable HomeSmart Home in Waitakere. This report presents feedback from a face to face interview in May 2010 of the adult male occupant of the HomeSmart Home on how the family is experiencing the home, and compares this feedback with that from the Rotorua and Waitakere NOW Home occupants.

After nine months this family rates the home reasonably highly, especially for warmth, dryness, spaciousness, the hot water heat pump and other energy efficiency measures, cost savings and the double garage.  A comparison of the homes reinforces the fundamental importance of warmth, natural light, ventilation and dryness that are the foundation of a sustainable home.