Interim performance monitoring from Papakowhai Renovation project

John Burgess, Nikki Buckett.

The Papakowhai Renovation Project has extensively monitored nine homes in the Porirua suburb of Papakowhai before and after sustainability intervention packages were applied to the homes. This report presents an analysis of monitored data from the May to September period of two consecutive years (2006 and 2007). The first year included the period before any interventions, and the second year included the period after interventions. Results are assessed against the HSS High Standard of Sustainability.

While all homes have improved thermal comfort levels, and in most cases also increased temperatures, the largest energy and comfort improvements came from the homes with the most extensive interventions. Insulation of the complete thermal envelope  had the greatest effect on energy consumption and/or temperatures. Solar hot water systems provided large reductions in reticulated hot water energy demand.