HomeSmart Renovations Phase Two report: Progress of pilot

Lois Easton.

This report documents Phase Two of the HomeSmart Renovations project. This phase covers all activities from the launch of the pilot to the completion of the Renovation Plans for participants. It also includes feedback from the partners involved in the project on the use of the procedures and tools developed by Beacon for the pilot.

This phase covers:

  • Finalising the pilot project and recruitment of participant homeowners.
  • Working with homeowner participants and maintaining homeowner interest and participation in the project has involved the development of quarterly newsletters to all homeowners, and by ongoing contact via email and, to a lesser extent phone, with homeowners over their individual issues.
  • Undertaking homeowner assessments and development of renovation plans
  • Evaluating the usefulness of the Procedures and Tools and setting out key aspects for inclusion in the v2 Procedures for commercial piloting