HomeSmart Renovations: Early data from the homeowner interviews

Kay Saville-Smith.

This report presents data from a set of householders interviewed at least a month after the receipt of their HomeSmart Renovation Plan. It considers the profile of those householders, their perceptions of house condition and their past as well as their intended renovations. The data gives some early insights into the sort of issues that may arise when the complete set of data collected in the HomeSmart Renovation project is matched and reported on.

Of the 232 householders that completed the interview, just over half considered their dwelling in average or worse house condition. These households also report that they have a low energy consumption profile. Only 18.5 percent of the householders described their energy consumption as high or very high and over a third of the participants described their household energy use as low or very low.

Overall it may be concluded that householders express relatively low awareness or concern with water relative to energy, and lower concern with the environment than improving comfort or warmth in dwellings.