Evaluation of technologies with potential for improving the sustainability of new homes in New Zealand: Initial assessment

Bryan Walford, Karen Bayne, Albrecht Stoecklein, Roman Jaques, Jorge Salinas.

This report provides a high level screen of over 175 identified technology options to assist future development and prioritisation for the technology-related research stream. The selection of high priority technologies was based on input from a panel of experts.

Technologies, for the purpose of this project, have been interpreted broadly to encompass new products, systems, methods and approaches to building new houses.

Out of the initial list of 175 technologies, eleven were identified by the panel of experts that could impact significantly on Beacon’s goals. Six of these technologies were considered to be ‘early adoptable options’ in that they are systems which already exist in the market but needed to be more actively supported to directly impact on sustainability within the RBE. Five were technologies that would impact but need further investigative research and/or development