LCA-based windows calculator

Daniel Kellenberger, Nicholas Perez. This project has resulted in the development of an Excel-based window calculator, offering a simple interface for the user to define a specific window. Based on […]

Thermal insulation in New Zealand homes: A status report

Ian McChesney, Ian Cox-Smith, Lynda Amitrano. This paper considers thermal insulation for New Zealand homes, covering technical and policy aspects of new build and retrofit insulation. The policy focus is […]

The role of LCA in decision making in the context of sustainable development

Barbara Nebel, Jeremy Warnes. Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a standardised methodology for the quantification of the potential environmental impacts of processes and systems. The data provided can be used […]

Guideline for LCA practitioners and users of building related LCA studies

Barbara Nebel. Life cycle assessment (LCA) is increasingly accepted as a tool to analyse the environmental impacts related to building materials and buildings. When using LCA data and results, it […]

Scoping waste in the residential built environment

Michelle Kazor, Joanne Koppel. This is a scoping report on level and composition of solid waste in New Zealand, current waste policy and regulation, and measures taken to minimise construction, […]

Water efficiencies: Report on existing technology / expertise in New Zealand

Sarah Heine. This report identifies three key areas and existing technologies which could be targeted for water efficiency. These are: front loading washing machines, water efficient toilets, and reduced garden […]

Multi-paned windows

John Burgess, JM Bennett. This report outlines the international and local window technologies following a general discussion of window technology. It presents a conspectus of the New Zealand fenestration market […]

Renewable energy opportunities in the New Zealand residential built environment

Chris Kane. This report provides a high-level view of low and renewable energy technologies in New Zealand, the level of uptake, who is involved in the market, and the potential […]

Life cycle assessment and the building and construction industry

Barbara Nebel. This white paper describes the concept of LCA, possible applications of the results and available tools and databases on a national and international level. Environmental life cycle assessment […]

Retrofit technologies database

Barbara Nebel, Roman Jaques, Michael Jack, Karen Bayne, Per Nielsen, Susan Krumdieck. This research developed a database of retrofit technologies, an evaluation of these technologies with respect to the Beacon […]