Water efficiencies: Report on existing technology / expertise in New Zealand

Sarah Heine. This report identifies three key areas and existing technologies which could be targeted for water efficiency. These are: front loading washing machines, water efficient toilets, and reduced garden […]

Multi-paned windows

John Burgess, JM Bennett. This report outlines the international and local window technologies following a general discussion of window technology. It presents a conspectus of the New Zealand fenestration market […]

Renewable energy opportunities in the New Zealand residential built environment

Chris Kane. This report provides a high-level view of low and renewable energy technologies in New Zealand, the level of uptake, who is involved in the market, and the potential […]

Retrofit technologies database

Barbara Nebel, Roman Jaques, Michael Jack, Karen Bayne, Per Nielsen, Susan Krumdieck. This research developed a database of retrofit technologies, an evaluation of these technologies with respect to the Beacon […]

Evaluation of technologies with potential for improving the sustainability of new homes in New Zealand: Initial assessment

Bryan Walford, Karen Bayne, Albrecht Stoecklein, Roman Jaques, Jorge Salinas. This report provides a high level screen of over 175 identified technology options to assist future development and prioritisation for […]

New technology impacts: Spreadsheet

Michael Donn, John Storey. This spreadsheet accompanies the report NEW/1 which looked at whether there were gaps in new technologies available to drive sustainable housing in New Zealand.

New technology impacts

Michael Donn, John Storey. This project investigated whether New Zealand had all the technologies it needed to reach the 2012 goal, what information was needed to plug the gaps, what […]