The environmental impact of the Waitakere NOW Home: A life cycle assessment case study

David Drysdale, Barbara Nebel, Nick Collins, Andrea Blackmore. A Life Cycle Assessment case study of Beacon Pathway’s Waitakere NOW Home indicates that the greatest environmental impact of a house is […]

Life cycle assessment of the Waitakere NOW Home

David Drysdale, Barbara Nebel. This report provides an assessment of the environmental impacts of the Waitakere NOW Home using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). All life cycle stages from material manufacturing […]

Prioritisation of building systems

Barbara Nebel, Karen Bayne, Connie Crookshanks. This working paper is an interim report from the Systems Research Work Plan – “Criteria Development and Embedding Systems”. It sets out details of […]

LCA-based windows calculator

Daniel Kellenberger, Nicholas Perez. This project has resulted in the development of an Excel-based window calculator, offering a simple interface for the user to define a specific window. Based on […]

Life cycle assessment of the Waitakere NOW Home and Papakowhai Renovations

David Drysdale, Julie Sandilands. This report provides an assessment of the environmental impacts of the Waitakere NOW Home and two Papakowhai Renovation homes using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). All life-cycle […]

Design criteria for retrofit windows and new walls

Karen Bayne, Timothy Allan, Kylie Baker. This report outlines a suggested approach for establishing design criteria by which various systems can be assessed, to determine key performance parameters for solutions […]

The role of LCA in decision making in the context of sustainable development

Barbara Nebel, Jeremy Warnes. Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a standardised methodology for the quantification of the potential environmental impacts of processes and systems. The data provided can be used […]

Guideline for LCA practitioners and users of building related LCA studies

Barbara Nebel. Life cycle assessment (LCA) is increasingly accepted as a tool to analyse the environmental impacts related to building materials and buildings. When using LCA data and results, it […]

Analysis of currently available environmental profiles of building products

Zsuzsa Szalay, Barbara Nebel. In New Zealand and internationally, a number of building-related LCA studies have already been conducted. This study summarises the work done in New Zealand and describes […]

Life cycle assessment and the building and construction industry

Barbara Nebel. This white paper describes the concept of LCA, possible applications of the results and available tools and databases on a national and international level. Environmental life cycle assessment […]