Policy options for sustainable homes A resource manual for local government

Megan Howell, Damon Birchfield. This Resource Manual sets out to assist councils to understand the need for sustainable homes, define what makes a sustainable home, establish the basis for action, […]

The environmental impact of the Waitakere NOW Home: A life cycle assessment case study

David Drysdale, Barbara Nebel, Nick Collins, Andrea Blackmore. A Life Cycle Assessment case study of Beacon Pathway’s Waitakere NOW Home indicates that the greatest environmental impact of a house is […]

Prioritisation of building systems

Barbara Nebel, Karen Bayne, Connie Crookshanks. This working paper is an interim report from the Systems Research Work Plan – “Criteria Development and Embedding Systems”. It sets out details of […]

Housing typologies: Current stock prevalence

Ian Page, J. Fung. This report analyses the characteristics of the housing stock that affect the ability, opportunity and need to retrofit sustainability features. It covers such features as roof […]

Assessing the viability of financial incentives for sustainable housing initiatives

Julia de Blaauw, Dan McGregor (Ascari Partners). This report explores the viability of financial incentives that could be offered by local government authorities in order to encourage sustainable housing initiatives […]

Best practice policy approaches to encourage sustainable residential building and renovation: Survey and literature review results

Megan Howell, Damon Birchfield. This report documents the findings of the first stage of research to identify existing successful policy approaches and the preferred provisions to be modelled as part […]

The role of LCA in decision making in the context of sustainable development

Barbara Nebel, Jeremy Warnes. Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a standardised methodology for the quantification of the potential environmental impacts of processes and systems. The data provided can be used […]

Quantitative study: Household uptake of sustainable solutions

Alex Woodley. This study assesses the engagement of householders in adopting sustainable technologies and solutions for their homes and identifies barriers faced by householders in making these changes. The features […]

Qualitative study: Perceptions of sustainability and uptake of sustainable solutions by householders

Rachael Trotman. This report presents the findings of a qualitative study that investigates what sustainability means to householders, assesses their engagement in adopting sustainable solutions for their home and perceived […]

Policy and regulation: Clarification of Beacon’s role

Allen & Clarke Policy and Regulatory Specialists. The purpose of this paper is to assist Beacon Pathway Limited (Beacon) to influence policy and regulatory processes, in the most effective way, […]