Construction waste in the Havelock North Best Home: A comparison to best and standard practice

Lois Easton. This report compares construction waste management in the Havelock North Best Home with other best practice homes (Waitakere and Rotorua NOW Homes) and standard build practice. The first […]

New Zealand Housing Foundation HomeSmart Home: Evaluation of performance and occupancy

Lois Easton. The New Zealand Housing Foundation HomeSmart Home was designed in partnership with Beacon to meet the HSS High Standard of Sustainability.  This report brings together the findings from […]

The NZHF HomeSmart Home: Occupants’ experience of the home and comparison with NOW Homes

Rachael Trotman. Following on from its NOW Home projects in Waitakere and Rotorua, Beacon partnered with the New Zealand Housing Foundation in 2009 to develop and monitor a sustainable HomeSmart […]

Rotorua NOW Home case study

Andrea Blackmore. A high level summary of the design and performance of the Rotorua NOW Home, and the experience of the family living in it.

Rotorua NOW Home: Final performance monitoring

Andrew Pollard, Roman Jaques. This report examines the sustainability performance of Beacon Pathway’s second new construction research house: the Rotorua NOW Home. The reticulated energy use, reticulated water use, indoor […]

Solar water heating in the Waitakere and Rotorua NOW Homes and in three Papakowhai Renovation homes

Andrew Pollard. This report describes and examines the performance of the solar water heating (SWH) systems used in the Waitakere NOW Home, the Rotorua NOW Home and three of the […]

Rotorua NOW Home: Interim Performance Monitoring

Roman Jaques, Ian Mathews, Andrew Pollard. This interim report outlines the status of the performance monitoring dataset, as much analysis as possible on that dataset, a post-occupancy evaluation of the […]