NOW Home benchmarking report: NOW Home vs ref homes

Roman Jaques. The report describes and compares the sustainable (i.e. environmental, economic and social) features of two specific house types within the BEACON Pathway’s research project. The two house types […]

New technology impacts: Spreadsheet

Michael Donn, John Storey. This spreadsheet accompanies the report NEW/1 which looked at whether there were gaps in new technologies available to drive sustainable housing in New Zealand.

New technology impacts

Michael Donn, John Storey. This project investigated whether New Zealand had all the technologies it needed to reach the 2012 goal, what information was needed to plug the gaps, what […]

Housing retrofit: Housing interventions, stock and markets

John Storey, Ian Page, Louw van Wyk, Mike Collins, Tobias Kriel. This report provided: A high level summary of relevant sustainability related retrofit interventions worldwide and their success factors. A […]

National Scorecard: Interventions and Assessment Models

Ian Page, Nigel Jollands, Nancy Golubiewski, James Turner. This research aimed to identify whether models can quantify the benefits and costs of the Beacon projects, and what influence these models […]

NOW Home demonstration home hypothesis

Albrecht Stoecklein, Stephen McKernon. This research project provided a basis for arguing in favour or against spending Beacon research money on demonstration homes and promoting the NOW Home as a […]

Sustainability framework design

Michael O’Connell. This project aimed to recommend the key elements of a sustainability framework with the ultimate purpose of facilitating the implementation of sustainability outcomes at the level of ‘home’. […]

The NOW House project: Part 1. The NOW House design process and insights for future projects

Karen Bayne, Chris Kane. This report provides an overview of the NOW house design process from a review of project communications and documentation regarding the NOW house during the period […]

The NOW House project: Part 3. Monitoring the NOW House

Chris Kane, JL van Wyk, Andrew Pollard. This report summarises the options available for monitoring of the NOW house, by considering the requirements in two distinct categories: construction monitoring, and […]

Industry research: Impacts and alternatives

Ann Smith, Jeska McNicol, Graeme Finlay. This research developed: A summary of relevant knowledge from around the world with regard to initiatives to encourage industry uptake and sustainability for homes, including […]