The MDH assessment framework: Regulatory overview

Verney Ryan, Bill Smith. This document is an annex to the main final report prepared at the conclusion of Beacon Pathway’s Medium Density Housing Assessment Tool project. It provides the […]

Policy options for sustainable homes A resource manual for local government

Megan Howell, Damon Birchfield. This Resource Manual sets out to assist councils to understand the need for sustainable homes, define what makes a sustainable home, establish the basis for action, […]

A framework for valuing water demand management: Literature review

Nicola Smith, Gary McDonald, Susie Trinh. This is report 1 of 3 in a rigorous economic analysis of the value of water demand management to help councils and water authorities […]

Best practice policy approaches to encourage sustainable residential building and retrofitting: Evaluation and shortlist of initiatives

Megan Howell, Damon Birchfield. This working paper presents research to develop and apply a set of evaluation criteria for reducing the long list of initiatives identified in phase 1 of […]

Assessing the viability of financial incentives for sustainable housing initiatives

Julia de Blaauw, Dan McGregor (Ascari Partners). This report explores the viability of financial incentives that could be offered by local government authorities in order to encourage sustainable housing initiatives […]

Slowing the flow: A comprehensive demand management framework for reticulated water supply

Maggie Lawton, Damon Birchfield, Dorothy Wilson. A framework is presented in this publication to assist water supply authorities and councils in developing a demand management strategy. It draws on information […]

Best practice policy approaches to encourage sustainable residential building and renovation: Survey and literature review results

Megan Howell, Damon Birchfield. This report documents the findings of the first stage of research to identify existing successful policy approaches and the preferred provisions to be modelled as part […]

Best practice water efficiency policy and regulations

Maggie Lawton, Damon Birchfield, David Kettle, Chloe Trenouth. This report is an in-depth investigation into demand management practices in New Zealand and overseas and the regulation and other policy approaches […]

Thermal insulation in New Zealand homes: A status report

Ian McChesney, Ian Cox-Smith, Lynda Amitrano. This paper considers thermal insulation for New Zealand homes, covering technical and policy aspects of new build and retrofit insulation. The policy focus is […]

Policy and regulation: Clarification of Beacon’s role

Allen & Clarke Policy and Regulatory Specialists. The purpose of this paper is to assist Beacon Pathway Limited (Beacon) to influence policy and regulatory processes, in the most effective way, […]