The Papakowhai Renovation case studies

Andrea Blackmore. Summary of the case studies of house retrofits in the Papakowhai Renovations project.

Clawback of heating services in Beacon research homes

Andrew Pollard, Nikki Buckett. Data from the Papakowhai Renovation Project and the Waitakere NOW Home are used to assess the clawback from the water heating and space heating services in […]

Solar water heating in the Waitakere and Rotorua NOW Homes and in three Papakowhai Renovation homes

Andrew Pollard. This report describes and examines the performance of the solar water heating (SWH) systems used in the Waitakere NOW Home, the Rotorua NOW Home and three of the […]

Papakowhai Renovations: Project summary and case studies

Lois Easton. A project examining sustainable retrofit of existing homes in Papakowhai was undertaken from 2006-2008. Nine homes were renovated with a range of sustainable interventions and monitored to see […]

Cost benefits of sustainable housing retrofits

Ian Page. This report considers the cost benefits of a variety of sustainable retrofits for the existing housing stock. The retrofit interventions costed are mainly energy and water related, and […]

Papakowhai Renovations: Householder experiences and perceptions

Rachael Trotman. This report presents the findings of post project interviews in March 2009 with three of the nine households involved in the Papakowhai Renovations Project in Wellington. Positive reported […]

Final monitoring report from the Papakowhai Renovations project

John Burgess, Nikki Buckett, Michael Camilleri, Lisa French, Andrew Pollard, Phil Hancock. The Papakowhai Renovation Project has monitored indoor environment, waste, water and energy parameters in nine homes in the […]

Life cycle assessment of the Waitakere NOW Home and Papakowhai Renovations

David Drysdale, Julie Sandilands. This report provides an assessment of the environmental impacts of the Waitakere NOW Home and two Papakowhai Renovation homes using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). All life-cycle […]

Interim performance monitoring from Papakowhai Renovation project

John Burgess, Nikki Buckett. The Papakowhai Renovation Project has extensively monitored nine homes in the Porirua suburb of Papakowhai before and after sustainability intervention packages were applied to the homes. […]

Papakowhai Renovations: Impacts on householders and dwelling performance

Kay Saville-Smith. This report presents the findings of the in-depth interviews with nine of the ten householders involved in the Papakowhai retrofit, and comments on the learnings from Papakowhai in […]