Making your home HomeSmart: A homeowner manual

Lois Easton, Andrea Blackmore. The Homeowner Manual pulls together information and advice for homeowners on how to get the best performance from their home. It covers both renovating for improved […]

HomeSmart Renovations: Householder actions and responses to dwelling performance

Kay Saville-Smith, Ruth Fraser, Nikki Buckett, Michael Camilleri. This report presents self-reported and monitored data from householders participating in the HomeSmart Renovations Project. It describes the profile of those householders, […]

HomeSmart Renovations Phase Two report: Progress of pilot

Lois Easton. This report documents Phase Two of the HomeSmart Renovations project. This phase covers all activities from the launch of the pilot to the completion of the Renovation Plans […]

HomeSmart Renovations: Early data from the homeowner interviews

Kay Saville-Smith. This report presents data from a set of householders interviewed at least a month after the receipt of their HomeSmart Renovation Plan. It considers the profile of those […]

Appendix B: Recent movers energy survey

Kay Saville-Smith. A postal survey of 724 homeowners found that recent movers resist significant investment in retrofitting but attempt to select resource efficient houses. They spend a relatively high amount […]

Appendix A: High energy user survey

Kay Saville-Smith. This survey of 700 householders found that high energy users resist investment in retrofitting and do not select resource efficient homes. Despite higher energy expenditure and incomes, householders […]

House owners and energy: Retrofit, renovation and getting house performance

Kay Saville-Smith. This report summarises three surveys of homeowner groups in New Zealand: high energy users, recent movers, landlords. It focuses on awareness, attitudes and efforts toward renovation, and willingness […]