Quantitative study: Household uptake of sustainable solutions

Alex Woodley. This study assesses the engagement of householders in adopting sustainable technologies and solutions for their homes and identifies barriers faced by householders in making these changes. The features […]

Qualitative study: Perceptions of sustainability and uptake of sustainable solutions by householders

Rachael Trotman. This report presents the findings of a qualitative study that investigates what sustainability means to householders, assesses their engagement in adopting sustainable solutions for their home and perceived […]

Policy and regulation: Clarification of Beacon’s role

Allen & Clarke Policy and Regulatory Specialists. The purpose of this paper is to assist Beacon Pathway Limited (Beacon) to influence policy and regulatory processes, in the most effective way, […]

Market transformation interventions: Creating demand and supply for sustainable housing

Cerasela Stancu, Graeme Finlay, Sarah Gunn. This report set out to: identify best practice in market transformation through an international review generate a long list of potential interventions to influence […]

Market segmentation of New Zealand’s housing stock

Lynda Amitrano, Ian Page. This report identifies the key market segments with the New Zealand residential housing stock and the associated drivers and opportunities to improve the sustainability of the […]

Impact of energy use information resulting in behavioural change

Albrecht Stoecklein. This report reviewed international research into whether information on energy usage or ways of improving energy has resulted in behavioural change. The objective of this study was to […]

Influencing people’s uptake of sustainability in housing

Stephen McKernon, Susan Bates, Albrecht Stoecklein, Frances Maplesden, Karen Bayne. Beacon’s consumer uptake objective was to have 90% of houses in New Zealand reaching a high standard of sustainability by […]