The MDH assessment framework: Regulatory overview

Verney Ryan, Bill Smith. This document is an annex to the main final report prepared at the conclusion of Beacon Pathway’s Medium Density Housing Assessment Tool project. It provides the […]

Thermal insulation in New Zealand homes: A status report

Ian McChesney, Ian Cox-Smith, Lynda Amitrano. This paper considers thermal insulation for New Zealand homes, covering technical and policy aspects of new build and retrofit insulation. The policy focus is […]

Policy and regulation: Clarification of Beacon’s role

Allen & Clarke Policy and Regulatory Specialists. The purpose of this paper is to assist Beacon Pathway Limited (Beacon) to influence policy and regulatory processes, in the most effective way, […]

National value case for sustainable housing innnovations

Allen & Clarke Policy and Regulatory Specialists, Infometrics, Eco$ense, Martin Jenkins, Beacon Pathway. This presents a strong value case at a national level to transform a significant proportion of the […]

Sustainable homes national value case

Ralph Chapman, Wayne Sharman. This report quantitatively assesses the National Value Case for a range of innovations related to the efficient and sustainable use of the country’s resources in housing […]

Scoping waste in the residential built environment

Michelle Kazor, Joanne Koppel. This is a scoping report on level and composition of solid waste in New Zealand, current waste policy and regulation, and measures taken to minimise construction, […]

Regulatory framework development: Understanding current sustainability regulations and policy

Mike O’Connell. This report updates, reviews and summarises policy and strategy development as well as relevant initiatives on urban sustainability by central and local government during 2005. It updates the […]

Market segmentation of New Zealand’s housing stock

Lynda Amitrano, N Kirk, Ian Page. This report proposes a structure/framework for a National Scorecard to measure change in the sustainability of houses at a national level. It sources publicly […]

Regulatory framework development: Understanding current sustainability regulations and policy

Mike O’Connell. This report aims to ensure Beacon and its providers have a clear understanding of the environment surrounding sustainability regulation and policy development in central and local government. To […]

National Scorecard: Interventions and Assessment Models

Ian Page, Nigel Jollands, Nancy Golubiewski, James Turner. This research aimed to identify whether models can quantify the benefits and costs of the Beacon projects, and what influence these models […]