Welcome to Beacon Pathway

We are all about improving New Zealand’s homes. We do research and demonstration projects to show New Zealand:

  • How our homes can be warmer, drier, healthier, affordable, cost less to run, and low carbon
  • How our neighbourhoods can be adaptable, sustainable and a place people enjoy living.

What we do

  • We produce robust research and package information in useable forms, such as tools or simple consumer information
  • We work together with other organisations on projects to bring about change
  • We offer our knowledge and expertise in projects that fit with our vision and goals
  • We believe in the power of demonstration and experiential learning.

Who we work with

We partner with a wide range of organisations across the housing sector:

  • Research (e.g. BRANZ)
  • Government (e.g. MBIE, EECA)
  • Manufacturers (e.g. NZ Steel)
  • Developers (e.g. Ockham Residential)
  • Social housing providers (e.g. CORT Community Housing, Kainga Ora)
  • Industry groups (e.g. NZ Property Council)

Our wide network is wide enables us to bring together partners in a collaborative project.

New homes

New homes

Beacon’s research investigates how to design and build new homes which are warmer, drier, cost less to run, and low carbon.

Existing homes

Existing homes

Most of our houses are already built – Beacon’s research asks how do we make these healthier and more water and energy efficient?



Beacon has developed tools to assess neighbourhood sustainability and good practice medium density for New Zealand.

Beacon has a large knowledge base of research that is publicly available. It covers achieving good home performance in new homes, retrofitting older homes to high standards, making neighbourhoods sustainable, and designing good practice medium density.

Thermal bridging in timber-framed walls

Recently we looked at the amount of timber framing in walls of new builds. We found there is much more than is generally assumed and that will be impacting how much heat is lost through the walls.

Beacon’s research found more timber in walls than usually assumed.
Creating change with the thermal bridging wall research

Beacon’s research was reported in Build magazine in an article by Verney Ryan:

And in this article by David Hindley reporting on a potential framing solution:

Latest event

Beacon’s Verney Ryan and Guy Penny presented an informative webinar explaining the results of the research.

The webinar is available to stream from the BRANZ website: www.branz.co.nz/shop/catalogue/webinar-thermal-bridging-in-timber-framed-walls_979/

“Quality, relevant information. Presenters had depth of knowledge and experience.”

Workshop attendee

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