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The factsheets, case studies and articles in this section are all about different aspects of achieving a warm home.

Achieving a warm home is about more than just putting in a new heat pump.  There are basic steps you should take to make sure your house warms up and keeps the heat in.

  1. Make the most of the sun, especially when designing a new house
  2. Insulate, insulate, insulate
  3. Use high performance double glazing
  4. Stop heat escaping - draught proof and get rid of old downlights
  5. Consider including thermal mass in any new house
  6. Use an efficient heat source and spread the heat through the house


  • 03-Jul-2013 (Publication Factsheet/6)

    Improving Your Rented Home (PDF 73KB)

    This Beacon factsheet covers low cost options to improve your rented home: stopping heat escaping (draught-proofing, DIY double glazing, curtains, solar shutters); getting rid of dampness (under-floor ground cover)l and efficient heating.


  • 03-Jul-2013 (Publication Factsheet/16)

    Thermal Mass (PDF 83KB)

    This Beacon factsheet covers how thermal masscan be incorporated into a house, and the do's and don'ts of thermal mass.

  • 03-Jul-2013 (Publication Factsheet/12)

    Passive Solar Design (PDF 198KB)

    This Beacon factsheet covers position on site, orientation and room layout, window location and size, and balancing winter warmth and summer cool.

  • 03-Jul-2013 (Publication Factsheet/11)

    Managing Your Indoor Temperatures (PDF 45KB)

    This Beacon factsheet covers using temperature sensors, keeping the heat in and keeping cool.

  • 03-Jul-2013 (Publication Factsheet/10)

    Keeping Heat In: Overview (PDF 55KB)

    This Beacon factsheet covers passive solar design, draught proofing, insulation and windows.

  • 03-Jul-2013 (Publication Factsheet/9)

    Keeping Heat In: Draught Proofing (PDF 89KB)

    This Beacon factsheet covers where to draught proof, types of draught proofing products, and curtains and pelmets.

  • 03-Jul-2013 (Publication Factsheet/8)

    Keeping Cool in Summer (PDF 128KB)

    This Beacon factsheet covers keeping the sun out, creating air movement and active cooling.

  • 03-Jul-2013 (Publication Factsheet/7)

    Introduction to Heating Your Home (PDF 234KB)

    This Beacon factsheet covers the relationship between temperature and moisture, the difference between radiant and convective heat, main and secondary heat sources, combining water and space heating, and choosing the right heater.

  • 03-Jul-2013 (Publication Factsheet/27)

    Keeping Heat In: Windows (PDF 95KB)

    This Beacon factsheet covers double glazing, secondary glazing, curtains and pelmets, and simple steps to prevent heat loss through your windows.

  • 03-Jul-2013 (Publication Factsheet/26)

    Keeping Heat In: Insulation (PDF 200KB)

    This Beacon factsheet covers insulating the thermal envelope, what an R-value is, types of insulation, and questions to ask when considering insulation options.

  • 03-Jul-2013 (Publication Factsheet/25)

    Improving Your Cold Damp House (PDF 31KB)

    This Beacon factsheet covers steps to address cold and damp, and whole house heating or ventilation systems.

  • 03-Jul-2013 (Publication Factsheet/22)

    Downlights (PDF 108KB)

    This Beacon factsheet covers the problem with downlights, and what you can do to address them.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/26)

    Huntsbury Homeowners Enjoy Warmer Healthier Home (PDF 242KB)

    Covers the benefits of upgrading during earthquake repair for Huntsbury homeowners in the Build Back Smarter project.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/25)

    Retrofitting Double Glazing: Lois' Kitchen and Toilet Windows (PDF 329KB)

    Covers the choices Lois made in retrofitting double glazing to her kitchen and toilet windows.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/24)

    Retrofitting Double Glazing: Lois' Bedroom Windows (PDF 136KB)

    Covers the choices Lois made in retrofitting double glazing to her bedroom windows.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/23)

    Retrofitting Double Glazing: Vicki's Sash Windows (PDF 216KB)

    Covers the choices Vicki made in retrofitting double glazing to her sash windows.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/22)

    Retrofitting Double Glazing: Lois' Sash Windows (PDF 81KB)

    Covers the choices Lois made in retrofitting double glazing to sash windows.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/20)

    Renovating for Baby (PDF 335KB)

    Covers how one household turned a cold study into a warm healthy baby's room.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/19)

    Hot in Summer, Freezing in Winter (PDF 288KB)

    Covers the steps a Gisborne household took to improve the performance of their old villa.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/16)

    Improved Heating in Papakowhai Renovations (PDF 152KB)

    Covers how more efficient heating combined with full insulation led to healthier indoor temperatures and energy savings in Papakowhai Renovation case studies.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/15)

    Warmth and Energy Savings in Papakowhai Renovations (PDF 244KB)

    Covers how full insulation retrofit and efficient heating improved temperature and energy saving in Papakowhai Renovation case studies.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/14)

    Downlights in Papakowhai homes (PDF 40KB)

    Calculates the heat loss from downlights in Papakowhai Renovation case study homes.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/11)

    Thermal Mass in the Rotorua NOW Home (PDF 46KB)

    Covers the use of thermal mass in the Rotorua NOW Home and why it proved less successful.

  • 01-Jul-2013 (Publication Case study/10)

    Thermal Mass in the Waitakere NOW Home (PDF 46KB)

    Covers the successful use of a thermal mass concrete floor in the Waitakere NOW Home.

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HSS High Standard of Sustainability® benchmark for a warm house:

  • 18°C in living areas during the evening
  • 16°C in bedrooms overnight

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