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Huntsbury 2: Build Back Smarter case study

The first Canterbury home is upgraded in Build Back Smarter.  Find out more about how the process went and what the homeowners think.


Installing underfloor insulation

This video, made for Certified Builders, gives tips on correct installation of underfloor insulation.

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Reducing construction waste

The Havelock North Best Home is an exemplar case study of reducing construction waste in new builds.

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Waitakere NOW Home case study

Watch this introductory video for a case study of the Waitakere NOW Home®, how it performed and the benefits enjoyed by the family living in it.

Nelson’s Solar Saver Scheme

Nelson City Council’s Solar Saver Scheme took an innovative approach to encouraging greater uptake of solar water heating. The Council paid the upfront cost for the installation of solar hot water systems and residents paid for the system over the next ten years as a targeted rate on their property.  The scheme was discontinued in April 2012 in favour of investigating solar photovoltaic technology.

More examples of council initiatives to encourage sustainble building and renovation can be found in Beacon’s Resource Manual for Local Government.  Read more at:

To find out more about the Nelson Solar Saver Scheme, watch this short video:


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