Tips for successful judging

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  • Use the professional institutes and trade organisations to suggest suitable people as judges - they often know who is good in this role and who will carry the prestige of the competition.
  • If your competition is a design AND build, you need to ensure your panel has a breadth of experience to support assessment of architectural merit, commercial basis as well as other criteria you have identified (e.g. engineering, finance, property development).
  • An international judge or celebrity can assist with getting high levels of interest in the competition, but it also will add to the expense of flying them in for judging sessions. Some of this can be achieved through use of appropriate technology such as videoconferencing/Skype etc.
  • An uneven number of judges can assist in decision making if you encounter a split vote over finalists.
  • Your judging panel may not know each other, so try and get your judges to meet up socially before the competition; judging process is intense and you need them functioning as a team on the first day!


Breathe logo

Breathe logo

Judge, Kevin McCloud

Breathe engaged international judge, Kevin McCloud, of Grand Designs fame.  Having a well-known name associated with the competition attracted considerable media interest.


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