Submissions to local councils

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One of the areas in which Beacon sees the potential to improve the New Zealand’s housing is during the development process, whether for new homes, whole new developments or for neighbourhoods.

Local councils can play an important role in supporting and encouraging the development of houses which:

  • are healthier to live in,
  • are more energy efficient,
  • conserve and use water efficiently,
  • have less impact on the environment, and
  • create less waste.

With this in mind, Beacon has made submissions to local councils around New Zealand as part of the regular review of Long Term Council Community Plans (LTCCP).  These ten year plans are the main strategic funding document for local government.  Local government bodies are required to review their plans three yearly, and all councils are required to produce a 2006-2016 funding plan this year.

The plans include: 

  • a statement of the community’s long term goals and priorities (community outcomes);
  • information about the activities provided by the council including the level of service the community can expect and their contribution towards each of the community outcomes;
  • a long term financial strategy explaining what the council’s programme will cost over the next 10 years and how it will be paid for;
  • key performance targets so that citizens will know whether or not the plan has been achieved.

The LTCCPs describe the activities of the councils and provide a long term focus for their decision making, within a detailed 3 year context.

Beacon has made submissions to the following Councils:

Auckland City Council
North Shore City Council
Waitakere City Council
Manukau City Council
Auckland Regional Council
Rotorua District Council
Kapiti Coast District Council
Wellington City Council
Greater Wellington Regional Council
Nelson City Council
Christchurch City Council
Environment Canterbury
Queenstown Lakes District Council

Blake St, Ponsonby, Auckland