Resources for homeowners

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Information and advice

As we’ve learned from our research and projects, we’ve collected our knowledge into resources for homeowners.  These include:

  • A homeowner manual
  • Articles on various aspects of home performance
  • Articles on renovating for sustainability
  • Where to go for advice

Measuring how well a home performs

Beacon has also developed a set of benchmarks for a high performing home.  These are called the HSS High Standard of Sustainability®, and they reflect Beacon’s whole-of-house approach to home performance by setting benchmarks in energy, water, indoor environment and materials.

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Our demonstration projects

Beacon’s belief is that we not only need to prove what should be done to improve our homes, we also need to demonstrate it.  Our demonstration projects in both new and existing homes have produced a wealth of information on how to design, build or renovate a home to be warmer, drier, healthier and cost less to run. 

Read more about the results from these projects at: