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Government, both central and local, sets the policy and regulatory environment in which homes and neighbourhoods are built and retrofitted. 

Policy and regulation is a vehicle for responding to the problem of New Zealand’s unsustainable homes and neighbourhoods, as a means of improving the conditions in which New Zealanders live, and mitigating and managing the impact of poor quality housing on people, and on the local and global environment.

As such, we recognise that Beacon needs to influence the development and implementation of policies and regulations as an effective way to address the problem of New Zealand’s unsustainable homes and neighbourhoods.

To that end, we’ve been sharing our research with government departments and ministers:

  • We showed how large scale renovation creates jobs in our briefing to the Job Summit.
  • Our report to Government shows there is an national value case for Government to promote simple sustainable housing interventions.
  • We developed fact banks pulling together our knowledge base and others in order to influence issues - for example, on unflued gas heaters and installing wall insulation during earthquake repair.
  • We joined industry and government to develop a rating tool for New Zealand’s new and existing houses.
  • We’ve made submissions on government policy to influence changes to New Zealand’s housing, building and construction policy
  • We’ve reviewed New Zealand’s policy and regulation scene affecting building and renovation to find out how best to influence government.