Project management

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This component is the glue that holds the rest of the design and build project together.  Project management is about ensuring that the competition delivers a building as specified, that the entire project is on budget and (ideally!) on time and to specification. 


Project manager

A competition project manager:

  • Coordinates all other components (not necessarily do the work inside each!).
  • Develops and manages project processes (to be transparent and fair).
  • Ensures specification of the competition, design and build outcomes is well documented and understood by all stakeholders.
  • Stages the work and controls timelines.
  • Manages budgets.
  • Reports to funders/stakeholders.


Steering group and governance

A steering group that meets fortnightly or monthly (to suit the stage of the competition) can assist the project manager by providing direction to the overall project.  The steering group should be inclusive involving key actors from the partnering organisations.  It does need to be kept to a manageable size - ideally less than 12 people.  If possible, members and roles of the group should be clarified at the beginning so that new members are not constantly joining and having to be brought up to speed.  Detailed notes with actions, responsibilities and dates for delivery help to keep the project focussed.  Meetings should be minuted with decisions, actions and responsibilities noted against target dates for completion.


Technical and advisory support

Technical support may be required throughout the competition to deal with assessment of entries from various angles - finances, planning, design, engineering and overall feasibility.



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