Procurement rules

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If you have a central government agency or local council partner in the design and build competition, it is important to understand that there are policies and rules applying to any purchasing they do. For example, government agencies may buy:

  • Goods and services (e.g. research, communications, competition costs, design etc)
  • Land for the winning design
  • Construction works
  • The building, e.g. winning home or development.

Each agency will have internal policies determining their purchasing processes. Most central government agencies are also bound by the Government rules of sourcing.

These policies and rules may have an impact on your timetable as you’ll have to accommodate any activities needed for compliance. At the outset of your project, ensure you open lines of communication early with the relevant agency(s) and maintain this conversation throughout the competition.

It’s recommended that that you familiarise yourself with the requirements for government procurement as soon as you establish that your agency partner will purchase goods, services or works.  This will enable you to ask the right questions and ensure any government assistance is a bonus not a challenge to the timely delivery of the project as specified and budgeted.   A good place to start is:

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Breathe finalist: Ganellen, Design King Company

“The scheme has impressive high level thinking in its design. It demonstrates clear links to Government targets for central city living, its affordability offering quality rental accommodation for recovery and service workers, students and young professionals who are likely to be early adopters as the city is rebuilt. It would appeal to a wide range of



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