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Whether you’re designing a new home or considering renovations,  you’ll have lots of questions on the best options to choose.  While Beacon’s research is intended to identify those options, we’re not an advice centre.  We share our findings with organisations who are set up to help consumers make those decisions.

Try the following sites to get the information you need:


This EECA-run website is the centre of information on Government programmes to encourage energy efficiency, solar water heating and space heating options.  Visit here to find out what the options are and what Government subsidies exist to help you.  Visit here to find out about Energy Star products, the mark awarded to the top 25% most energy efficient appliances.

Smarter Homes

This government website is a good place to visit for an overview of how to make your home perform better.  It covers everything to think about from designing for the sun, to insulation, double glazing, heating, energy efficiency, water conservation and much more.

Consumer / Consumerbuild

Visit the Consumer website for independent, testing evaluations of appliances and heating/energy products and systems.  Find out which brand is rated as giving the best performances and what issues to watch out for.  The Consumerbuild website has independent advice on buying,  building, renovating and maintaining homes.


Developed by BRANZ (an independent building research, testing,  consulting and information company) in tandem with Smarter Homes, this website gives more detailed advice on building and renovating for the construction industry.  Expect to find more technical detail here.

Solar Association of New Zealand

Find out which solar water heating products comply with the New Zealand Building Code and find an accredited supplier and installer who has a proven competence to install the systems.

Environmental Choice New Zealand

The Environmental Choice tick tells you that a product has been made with the environment in mind. Find out what products you should select.

Windows Association of New Zealand

WERS is a star rating system for windows - five stars is the highest rating, one the lowest. WERS assessment covers performance on winter heating, summer cooling, and prevention of fading. For advice on selecting the most energy efficient windows and glass.


Maintaining My Home

This BRANZ-run website provides information on protecting your biggest investment by keeping it in good condition.



This BRANZ-run website provides a technical resource for renovating homes from different eras, including bungalows, art deco, villas, 1970s, and 1940s-60s.

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