Reports and presentations - Policy and regulatory research

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In order to influence central and local government, Beacon must understand the policy and regulation environment in New Zealand.  Early research was undertaken to develop the context in which our efforts to advocate and influence are placed.

  • 30-Sep-2008 (Report HR2420/7)

    Assessing the Viability of Financial Incentives for Sustainable Housing Initiatives (PDF 274KB)

    Julia de Blaauw, Dan McGregor

    This  report investigates the potential financial incentives local governement could offer to encourage sustainable building, what issues they might raise for local authorities and how these issues can be addressed in practice. In particular, this paper sets out the legal framework that local authorities must consider when deciding whether to offer financial incentives, and assesses current initiatives already in place throughout New Zealand against this framework. 

  • 06-Jan-2008 (Report HR2374/2)

    Indicator Framework for Tracking the Sustainability of New Zealand's Residential Housing Stock (PDF 122KB)

    Rachael Trotman

    Proposes an Indicator Framework to track the sustainability of the national housing stock, focusing on: energy, water, indoor environment quality, construction materials/waste, future flexibility, affordability, consumer demand, industry capacity, policy / regulatory environment and a definition of housing sustainability. This draft was informed by stakeholder comments but the project did not advance past these discussions.

  • 06-Jan-2008 (Presentation PRES/11)

    Introductions and the National Value Case (PDF 590KB)

    Vicki Cowan

    Building Momentum: Beacon Research Symposia 2008

  • 11-Jan-2007 (Publication PR240/4)

    National Value Case for Sustainable Housing Innovations (PDF 2MB)

    Melony Clark

    This policy paper for Government presents the value case for intervening to bring New Zealand's housing up to the HSS High Standard of Sustainability®.  Based on the National Value Case report (PR240/3), it shows that simple housing interventions will bring benefits on a nationwide scale.

  • 09-Jan-2007 (Report PR240/3)

    Sustainable Homes National Value Case: Report (PDF 614KB)

    Adolf Stroombergen,Greg Brown, David Grimmond, Michael Mills, Meenakshi Sankar

    Presents the value case for bringing housing to Beacon's High Standard of Sustainability, evaluating four types of benefits: private economic benefits to households, environmental benefits, private social benefits, and national resource use efficiency.

  • 09-Jan-2007 (Report HR2462/1)

    Policy and Regulation: Clarification of Beacon's role (PDF 311KB)

    Melony Clark

    Considers how Beacon can best achieve a high standard of sustainability across New Zealand's homes and neighbourhoods in New Zealand's policy and regulatory process. Considers Beacon's role with respect to residential rating tools, and the pros and cons of using a systems approach to focus research on the component parts of the home.

  • 09-Jan-2007 (Report TE106/8)

    Sustainability Options for Retrofitting New Zealand Houses: Theoretical cost benefit analysis (PDF 382KB)

    M Phillips

    A theoretical cost benefit for options to retrofit for water and energy was carried out using ALF. At a national level, these options are worth implementing from a financial perspective: rainwater tanks (for Auckland only); low flow shower heads for high pressure systems; water efficient washing machines; water heating upgrade to SWH, instant gas or heat pump; floor and ceiling insulation.  Research undertaken to support Papakowhai Renovation project

  • 08-Jan-2006 (Report PR107/1)

    Regulatory Framework Development: Understanding Current Sustainability Policy and Regulations (PDF 157KB)

    Mike O'Connell

    This report updates, reviews and summarises policy and strategy development as well as relevant initiatives on urban sustainability by central and local government during 2005. It updates the 2005 PR101 report.

  • 04-Jan-2006 (Report PR105/1)

    Development of Beacon's National Scorecard (PDF 324KB)

    Ian Page, Roman Jaques

    Proposes a structure/framework for a National Scorecard to measure change in the sustainability of houses at a national level. Sources publicly available national information for each indicator where possible, otherwise suggests national surveys.

  • 31-Dec-2004 (Report PR101/1)

    Regulatory Framework Development: Understanding Current Sustainability Policy and Regulations (PDF 423KB)

    Mike O'Connell

    Reviews current and planned sustainability initiatives by central/local government. Discusses how initiatives interconnect for energy, climate change, waste, transport, water, buildings/housing and urban design/form, and presents a timeline of key sustainability mechanisms

  • 09-Jan-2004 (Report PCP/13)

    National Scorecard: Interventions and Assessment Models (PDF 264KB)

    Ian Page, Nigel Jollands, Nancy Golubiewski, James Turner

    Commissioned for Beacon's Project Confirmation Phase, this early report aims to identify whether models can quantify the benefits and costs of the Beacon projects, and what influence these models may have on Government intervention. Superseded by further work on a National Scorecard to plot progress towards Beacon's goal, and by the National Value Case for Sustainable Housing Innovations.