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A design and build competition provides an excellent showcasing opportunity for all partners.  The communication plan for the project has to help secure partners, competition applicants (national and/or international), and presumably the public’s imagination.

Some of the main issues to consider are:

  • Who is allowed to speak to the public about the competition?
  • Use of partners’ logos/ material etc.
  • Communicating the core messages of the competition.
  • Developing and agreeing marketing concept, brand, themes and approach.
  • Identifying key messages and channels of communication.
  • Creating promotional material for the competition.
  • Developing a website, information portal and online application forms.
  • Using ministers/celebrities to increase coverage.
  • Using the competition to highlight aspirations and new directions in policy/planning (e.g. aspirations for sustainable medium density housing in the inner city).
  • Planning events and event management - including the public launch of the competition, announcing winners, celebrations. All have requirements such as choosing a date, venue, ordering catering, hiring or arm twisting an MC, developing an invitation list, organising speakers, preparing media releases.
  • Advising industry and potential participants well ahead of time (usually through trade and design professional media).

Also consider:

  • Opportunities for parallel activity - speaker sessions on main topics or involving judges, stakeholders etc.
  • Public exhibition of entries and highlighting the winning designs or those with special mention


Roles to be played

  • Marketing and communication plan drafted, or RFP scoped for potential contractors to reply to
  • Assessing and securing formal marketing communications manager (could be one partner’s in-house team, or external contracted)


Breathe logo

Breathe logo

Public figure endorsement

Breathe used local Mayor Bob Parker and Minister for Construction Maurice Williamson as key figures to open this public display

Breathe display

A large scale exhibition of entries was held along a promenade in Central Christchurch - this engaged the community and raised the level of debate about inner city living in the media.


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