Housing Matters 6: Successful strategies to survive the slowdown

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This Housing Matters breakfast focused on the construction slowdown in Christchurch and different strategies for the sector to survive the slowdown.

The session covered

  • Suzanne WilkinsonAn overview of the latest BRANZ research into strategies to survive the construction sector slowdown, presented by Suzanne Wilkinson (University of Auckland).  This research was based on local interviews about the current situation in Christchurch particularly focused on solutions / best practice approaches.


  • MBIE’s Brett Parker talked about  boom bust cycles in construction, focusing on the National Construction Pipeline report 2016, and the linked National Construction-related Occupations Projections. 
  • BRANZ’s David Sharpe discussed BRANZ work in the area of boom bust cycles in construction and how they apply to Christchurch

Bob Burnett

  • Bob Burnett from the Superhome Movement presented on how the Superhome Movement is differentiating itself through quality and whole-of-life value, and how collaboration may help the sector pull through.


The breakfast ended with an open discussion, led by a panel of experts, on ideas and solutions for the Christchurch construction sector post recovery.




Feedback from participants:

I think the audience received some good information, and some clear messages on how to make a positive difference.

Bob Burnett’s case study on the Superhome Movement was very helpful.

Informative, but I am not convinced those that can influence change are committed to do so.

The message I got from it was we will research, fact find, and come up with great ideas but those that could (should) influence change will not take any notice of it. It is firmly up to companies and groups to just get on with it, but without legislative and/or financial support, the majority of outcomes will not change. In saying all that, it was a great event to be a part of.

I would like to hear more of the preventative actions for boom/bust cycles planned in Christchurch in future sessions.

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