Housing Matters 5: Exemplar Homes Tour

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Christchurch homes that showcase sustainable, innovative and affordable design

This Housing Matters tour looked at five of the most innovative homes in Christchurch.   These homes showcase energy efficiency and modern construction methods, and are part of the Superhome Movement.  The Superhome Movement is a cluster of building professionals aiming to deliver 1000 high performing homes through collaboration and sharing.

Participants had the opportunity to talk with the designer about the key features of each home. Visiting examples of best practice is a great way to understand and be motivated, and our participants’ feedback showed how useful they found the tours and how much they enjoyed connecting with others on the tour.


 94 Westminster St

94 Westminster St, St Albans

  • Warm energy efficient home
  • Uses natural and recycled material
  • Thermal mass maintains heat
  • Collects rain and recycles water


Presented by EcoBuilt Homes

 508 Manchester St


508 Manchester Street

  • Modular design, affordable construction
  • Super-efficient and healthy home
  • Durable materials and NZ wood
  • The final stage of the Alpine Abode construction


Presented by Welhaus

 94 Hills Rd

94 Hills Rd, Edgeware

  • Award winning use of timber
  • Modular design affordable design
  • TC3 foundation system
  • Efficient use of compact spaces


Presented by Dwell Homes

 9 Church St

9 Church Square, Addington

  • One of the greenest homes in New Zealand
  • Sun powers the house and electric car
  • Warm year round with no power bills
  • Accessible lifetime design


Presented by 10 Star Homes

 11 Church St

11 Church Square, Addington

  • NZ’s first 10 Star Homestar home
  • Warm all year round with no power bills
  • Collects rain and recycles water
  • Quake resilient construction


Presented by Bob Burnett Architecture

Logo, Superhome


Feedback from participants:


Great event, well organised and very affordable

It was well planned and executed, with all adding value to the success of the day.

The organisation, length of tour, places visited were all spot on.

Great conversations amongst the tour group

Interesting mix of homes.

Really helpful how orgainsers prompted speakers on the types of things they could address of interest to group.

Nice to get overview of each home and then details about innovations.

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