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From our renovation projects (Papakowhai Renovations, HomeSmart Renovations) we have learned

The projects have also helped us to develop a tool which will be of use to any councils undertaking retrofit programmes.


The Home Assessment and Prioritised Plan tool

The two projects have generated a robust approach to assessing existing homes and developing a renovation plan.

The Home Assessment and Prioritised Plan tool is designed to:

  • Assess a home’s performance - indoor environment quality (warmth,  dampness), energy efficiency (hot water, heating and lighting) and water efficiency.
  • Produce a prioritised tailored upgrade plan to help homeowners decide on the steps to take to improve their home. 

In addition, Beacon can provide training of assessors and assist with tweaking the assessment and plan to suit any programme.


The tool in action - Retrofit Your Home

The Home Assessment and Prioritised Plan tool underpins Auckland Council’s Retrofit Your Home initiative. 

Retrofit Your Home was developed out of Beacon’s HomeSmart Renovation project which tested whether information and a renovation plan would stimulate homeowners into improving home performance.  The project developed a home assessment and plan builder,  which took details of the home’s current state and generated an individualised plan.  This was prioritised so that homeowners could work through the steps to improving their home’s performance in the most cost-effective way.

Beacon worked with Waitakere City Council staff to adapt the tool for Waitakere homes and to train building inspectors as assessors.  The programme got underway in September 2010.

In April 2011 Auckland Council announced that it was extending the programme through the region in partnership with EECA.  Retrofit Your Home allows homeowners access to financial assistance to help pay for insulation, clean heating, ventilation, water efficiency and other sustainability measures.  A maximum of $5000 including GST per rateable property is available and the financial assistance from the council will be paid back through the property rates over nine years. Insulation is undertaken through the Warm Up New Zealand scheme, but further home improvements, such as clean heating, double glazing or water efficient fittings, are based on a free Sustainable Home Assessment and Retrofit Plan recommendations. 


The tool in action - Build Back Smarter

The Home Assessment and Prioritised Plan tool supports Christchurch City Council’s Build Back Smarter programme.

Build Back Smarter was developed and tested by Beacon to make the most of the opportunity to improve the performance of Christchurch homes alongside earthquake repairs.

Damaged homes were assessed using the tool, producing a plan which guided homeowners through the upgrades which would be most cost effective during repairs.  The Home Assessment and Prioritised Plan tool was adjusted to take into account typical earthquake damage and repairs, and the performance upgrades that could make the most of them.


Available for your council

The Home Assessment and Prioritised Plan tool is available for all councils to use when setting up retrofit programmes or assessing housing stock.  If you would like to know more, please contact us.