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The Certified Home Performance Advisor course covers all aspects of home performance in New Zealand homes, with a specific focus on the existing housing stock.   Participants are required to attend a residential 2.5 day training course and achieve certain standards through written tests and exams in order to achieve certification.  This course is designed for people who wish to become a certified Home Performance Advisor.  Certification requires compliance with a professional Code of Conduct and ongoing professional developmen

Certification helps New Zealanders know who to trust for high quality, independent, personalised advice to help them improve the performance of their homes and their quality of life. It also allows qualified advisors to demonstrate their competency and professional standards.

Please note, the Principles of Home Performance course is a pre-requisite to the Home Performance Advisor Certification.


Core principles of the programme

Advice must be:

  • Independent,
  • Based on good science and best practice, and
  • Personalised and in the best interests of the client.

The course takes the following approach to advice:

  • Assessment - An assessment of the house informed by a comprehensive understanding of the science of home performance, best practice and a consultation with the occupants
  • Diagnosis - Diagnosis of the underlying cause or causes of problems in the house and identification of actions to address the causes, and
  • Recommendations - Prioritised recommended actions to address the underlying causes of the problems in the first instance, which meet the needs of the client and their personal circumstances.


Eligibility for the course

To be eligible for the Home Performance Advisor programme, a candidate must:

  1. Have passed the Principles of Home Performance course 
  2. Be able to demonstrate that your business model is based around providing clients with independent advice guided by a balanced assessment of the house and recommendations of actions that are appropriate in the situation,
  3. Be prepared to comply with the Code of Conduct 
  4. Be prepared to meet the requirements for on-going certification and professional development. 


Course outline

The  Certified Home Performance Advisor Training is a comprehensive course covering all aspects of home performance in New Zealand homes, with a focus on the existing housing stock. Participants are required to attend a residential 2.5-day training course and achieve certain standards through written tests and exams in order to achieve certification.

Course content covers the following topics:

  • Principles and protocols of being a Home Performance Advisor
  • The characteristics of New Zealand houses
  • Heat gains and losses, and the ‘heat balance’ of homes
  • The thermal envelope, orientation and insulation
  • Sources of moisture, moisture control and ventilation
  • Home heating; decision-making over home heating choices
  • Hot water systems
  • Lighting and appliances
  • Diagnosing energy problems; faults, high power bills, occupant management
  • The ‘three waters’ - potable, grey/black, and stormwater
  • Waste
  • Micro renewables


  • 2.5 day course starting at midday on the first day and finishing at 4.30pm on the final day
  • Course manual is posted to attendees 2 weeks prior to allow for review
  • The course is residential
  • All attendees are expected to stay at the venue provided for the duration
  • Course fees cover accommodation, meals, and all course materials
  • Any additional costs are to be covered by the attendee/organisation
  • The course consists of the 2.5 days as well as 2 assignments and 1 exam
  • The first assignment is due on the first day of the course (expected hours: 1 - 2)
  • The exam is available 1 week after the course, and takes 1 hour (1 week to complete)
  • The second assignment is due one month after the course (expected hours: 2 - 3) 
  • To become certificated, attendees must achieve an overall score of 75% (including 80% for the exam)
  • If the pass rate isn’t achieved, attendees have the option to resubmit the second assignment or resit the exam (or both).  The fee to do either is $150 + GST
  • Home Performance Advisor certification is valid for 3 years and sits with the attendee.

Who should attend this course?

The Home Performance Advisor Certification is suited to practitioners currently in the home providing advice relevant to any of the topics above, or for anyone wishing to become established in this capacity.

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23-25 September 2020

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Jo Wills


Please note, this is a residential course; therefore even if you live in the location where the training is being held, there is a requirement that you stay at the venue for the duration of the course.


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