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Homestar™ is the new way to rate how well your home performs and get suggestions on how to improve it.

Whether you are designing a new home, or thinking about renovating your current home, Homestar™ can help.  It will not only give you a star rating which will give you an idea of how well your home compares to others, but it will generate a list of suggested actions to improve your home’s performance - and its rating.


Based on research

Beacon, BRANZ and the New Zealand Green Building Council formed a Joint Venture to develop Homestar™. We saw the potential for a tool which measured and rated New Zealand’s homes to also encourage developers to build better homes, and homeowners to renovate more sustainably.

Our knowledge of what makes homes perform well, especially from large research projects such as the HomeSmart Renovation project and the NOW Homes, underpins Homestar™.  The advice you receive once you have completed the online assessment reflects what we know about making homes warmer, drier and more resource-efficient.


How it works

You can choose one of three options:

  • An online self-assessment. Enter the details of your home, answer the questionnaire (it will take 15-20 minutes but you can save it and come back another day) and get your rating online. 
  • A Homecoach™ assessment. Have your home assessed by a qualified Homecoach™.  These trained building-related professionals offer a personalised service, at your home or in-store, assisting you with completion of the questions,  talking you through the recommendations and assisting you in choosing the right solutions for your home.
  • A Homestar™ Practitioner. This trained and accredited industry professional will provide advice on how to improve the performance and rating of your home.
  • A certified Homestar™ assessment.  Certified assessors are trained specialists who will spend a few hours at your home assessing in much greater detail the comfort, health and performance of your home. The assessor will calculate your home’s certified Homestar™ rating and provide you with a certificate of assessment that you will be able to use in your advertising when selling or renting.

Visit to select the assessment you want.


Prioritising your renovation plan

All homeowners want their homes to be warm and dry, and their families to be healthy.  Research is increasingly showing that these are linked.  Equally, and especially in times of recession, homeowners need their homes to run efficiently, costing as little as possible in running costs for heating, water heating, power and water.

The trouble is that it’s often difficult to know what steps to take and what renovations will be most cost effective.  Sometimes homeowners invest in expensive solutions that end up not solving the problem. 

Our research shows that it’s best to get the basics right first, and that with a renovation plan, you can tackle the most important problems first and work through the plan as time and finances allow.

That’s why Homestar™ offers a list of suggested actions that you can prioritise by

  • cost of materials
  • cost of installation
  • savings in running costs
  • actions to improve health and comfort
  • actions to help the environment
  • actions to improve your star rating

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