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Thanks to some good projects initiated in New Zealand, as well as the wealth of information available online, there is no shortage of resources to draw on for additional information in the fields of successful medium density design and setting up design competitions. 

Sample resources from the Breathe competition are below.  See the Useful Links page for links to resources on other websites and inspiring examples of other competitions and developments.

  • 17-Jun-2014 (Publication )

    Example Budget for Design and Build Competition (Excel 32KB)

    An example of a budget for a design and build competition, based on the budget used for Breathe.

  • 17-Jun-2014 (Publication )

    Example Memorandum of Understanding (Word 88KB)

    An example of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as used in the Breathe competition.

  • 16-Jul-2013 (Publication )

    Breathe Stage 2 Judges Scoring Matrix Template (Excel 44KB)

    The spreadsheet template of the judging matrix used in Stage 2 (Detailed design) of the Breathe competition.  Scores each entrant against the criteria for the competition.

  • 06-May-2013 (Publication )

    Breathe Stage 2 Competition Briefing Document (PDF 192KB)

    The competition brief for Stage 2 of the Breathe design and build competition, including evaluation criteria, rules, process and submission requirements.

  • 17-Feb-2013 (Publication )

    Breathe Competition Information Pack (PDF 3.5MB)

    Competition brief and information for stage one of the Breathe: The New Urban Village Project: a competition to design and build a new place for living in the Central City.

  • 18-Oct-2012 (Publication )

    Breathe Meeting Notes Template (Word 35KB)

    Example meeting notes template used in Breathe project management.

  • 19-Aug-2012 (Publication )

    Design Competition Task List Template (Excel 50KB)

    A template for typical tasks needed to run a design and build competition, based on the Breathe experience.

  • 13-Aug-2012 (Publication )

    Breathe Sample Sponsorship Proposal (PDF 84KB)

    Sample sponsorship proposal from the Breathe design and build competition.

  • 01-Aug-2012 (Publication )

    Breathe Project Scoping Document (PDF 166KB)

    The scoping document prepared for the Breathe design and build competition by Beacon Pathway.

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