Ensuring transparent processes

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Transparency is key to maintaining partnerships and is particularly critical when any public money is drawn on.  In addition, the project will engage with many different stakeholders other than formal partners; for example, the judging panel, the public and competition participants.   Having good processes helps maintain transparency with these groups.  Some parts of the project are, by their nature, confidential; for example, final negotiations with the competition winner on a construction price.  While the details may not be made public, the process should be fair, include honest brokers, and be transparent as far as possible.


Registering participants

A transparent process has to be fair to everyone who takes part and so we recommend a simple registration process that walks participants through all of the key stages that they need to understand to take part in the competition.  Having participants register with you gives you a central database of who has entered, their contact details, and also some good basic statistics to feed back to funders and sponsors (we have X registrations and this has translated into Y submissions).  By providing each participant who registers with a unique number or identifier code, you are better able to track their progress through the competition and answer any queries.


Agreements and consent

It is imperative to set out the rules and make sure that everyone abides by them right from the outset of the competition.  One of the easiest ways to do that is to have an agreed set of terms and conditions that all participants have to sign up to as a condition of entering the competition.  What goes into these terms and conditions is up to you, but we have provided the basic terms and conditions from the Breathe competition below as an example.

  • 17-Feb-2013 (Publication )

    Breathe Terms and Conditions (PDF 66KB)

    Terms and conditions for the Breathe competition, extracted from the Competition Information Pack

Breathe logo

Breathe logo

What worked well in Breathe:

  • A large scale exhibition of entries was held along a promenade in Central Christchurch - this engaged the community and raised the level of debate about inner city living in the media.
  • An online registration for Breathe with unique codes for each entry helped the project managers build a contacts database for easy communication with participants.
  • Sponsors and stakeholders were provided with regular updates relating to the numbers and geographical location of entries - this helped to build excitement in the lead up to the judging process.

Breathe display


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