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Eco-Design Advisors offer free and independent advice on home on improving your home’s design.  They can advise on:

  • reducing energy and water use
  • improving warmth and comfort
  • using healthier and more environmentally friendly materials

Eco Design Advisors provide advice for both homeowners and building professionals working on home building or renovation projects. They have access to a large number of specialist design assistance tools,  assessment methods and hardcopy all for free.   Home designs can be emailed to advisors and discussed over the phone or during site visits.

The Eco Design Advisor service is provided free by the following councils:

  • Auckland
  • Hamilton City
  • Palmerston North
  • Kapiti Coast District
  • Upper Hutt City
  • Nelson City
  • Invercargill

Visit the Eco Design Advisor website for the up-to-date list of advisors and contact details.


Review of the Eco Design Advisor Service

Beacon Pathway reviewed the success of the service in 2010 and found that homeowners who used the service were very happy with the information and advice they received.  For homeowners that received in-depth assistance, there was a significant improvement to the designs and performance of the dwellings.  Beacon’s report is below.

A customer survey in 2012-2013 found that more than 80% took action as a result of the advice, putting in more insulation, curtains, draughtproofing, underfloor vapour barriers and efficient heating and moisture extraction.  Customers reported that the face-to-face nature of the advice was a key part of its success. People were able to discuss their plans for new homes or renovations on a one-to-one basis, and a home assessment enabled them to have the confidence that the information provided was specific to their circumstances.

  • 29-Sep-2013 (Report EDA/2)

    Eco Design Advisor Customer Service Results 2012-2013 (PDF 638KB)

    Roman Jaques

    A survey of customers of the Eco Design Advisor service, a free, independent advisory service unique in the world and now available in seven councils in New Zealand. Customers receive an assessment of their home and are provided with targeted advice on what can be done to improve its performance.  This survey is an extension and continuation of the previous (Easton, 2011) homeowner survey.

  • 31-Aug-2010 (Report EDA/1)

    A Review of the Eco Design Advisor Service (PDF 253KB)

    Lois Easton

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