Central government submissions

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One of the ways in which Beacon seeks to improve our housing is to influence the makers of New Zealand’s laws and policies: Government Ministers, Parliament, other political parties, government departments and bodies – central Government. 

We are committed to informing, advising and influencing Government to encourage the inclusion of sustainability into buildings (both new and retrofit) at a policy level and ensure this comes through at an operational level.

Our research and projects provide information on the ways in which changes to policy and strategy can make a difference to New Zealand’s housing stock.  Beacon supports local and central government policy makers and organisations by sharing this information and research.

We believe influencing government policy to encourage New Zealand consumers to adopt more sustainable housing features will ensure better returns (social, environment, cultural, and economic) for stakeholders, the wider public and New Zealand. To this end, Beacon makes submissions on relevant legislation and strategy documents. 

Former PM Helen Clark interviewed at Waitakere NOW Home

Former PM, Helen Clark, outside the Waitakere NOW Home®