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  • A small group of experts (drawn from the core team) pre-processed all the entries, weeding out those that didn’t qualify and applying a traffic light system. This formed a key part of the package the judges received in advance of the judging days (alongside the actual entries). The pre-material proved very helpful to judges to understand aspects of the competition that were beyond their professional or personal experience.
  • This expert team also formed a secretariat for the judging process. This secretariat proved an important resource: backstopping the judging process (documenting sessions, minutes are important for probity); supporting the chairperson with meeting management (time keeping); and enabling the judges to interrogate the traffic light system (and accept / reject as a panel). The judges valued the secretariat being a non-intrusive resource.
  • Kevin McCloud provided input via videoconferencing on several occasions - this helped to engage him as part of the team and provide his valuable input to the judging process whilst keeping his time commitments to a minimum and saving on the cost and carbon of flying him to New Zealand.


Breathe judges

Breathe judges

Breathe judges

  • 16-Jul-2013 (Publication )

    Breathe Stage 2 Judges Scoring Matrix Template (Excel 44KB)

    The spreadsheet template of the judging matrix used in Stage 2 (Detailed design) of the Breathe competition.  Scores each entrant against the criteria for the competition.

Breathe logo

Breathe logo

Breathe judge, Kevin McCloud, at the awards ceremony

Judge, Kevin McCloud

Breathe winners

Breathe winning team


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