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The competition was driven by two core partners (Christchurch City Council and MBIE) who were supported by a third party (Beacon). All shared a vision for what could be achieved. This helped to anchor the project early on in the process. In-house staff at all organisations were passionate and committed to the idea of the competition and what it could achieve. They helped to enthuse others and generate buy-in throughout their organisations. The vision of the Breathe project enshrined early on was:

To create an exemplar central city neighbourhood displaying mixed use, medium density homes, based on sustainable design principles, to inspire and shape modern urban living in Christchurch.

The key evaluation criteria for Breathe were evolved and agreed over a series of meetings. The Breathe competition organising committee decided on the following criteria:

  • viable
  • affordable
  • liveable
  • sustainable
  • adaptable and resilient
  • placemaking
  • innovation

Feel free to borrow these for your competition if you would like to: for more information see the Breathe Competition Information Pack issued at the launch of stage one of the design competition.  It includes the vision, brief and rules for the competition.

Christchurch used their ‘Share an Idea’ initiative to inform the Breathe competition. For an Auckland-based competition, the desire to become the world’s most liveable city could help define competition aspirations.

  • 06-May-2013 (Publication )

    Breathe Stage 2 Competition Briefing Document (PDF 192KB)

    The competition brief for Stage 2 of the Breathe design and build competition, including evaluation criteria, rules, process and submission requirements.

  • 17-Feb-2013 (Publication )

    Breathe Competition Information Pack (PDF 3.5MB)

    Competition brief and information for stage one of the Breathe: The New Urban Village Project: a competition to design and build a new place for living in the Central City.

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