Barriers to sustainable building in local councils

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Getting consents to build a new house or make renovations to an existing house can be a frustrating process. Trying to incorporate sustainable features and new sustainable technologies such as solar water heaters or rainwater tanks can add to this frustration. And yet it is in the interests of homeowners, local councils and the whole country to encourage homes that are built and renovated to a high standard of sustainability.

Beacon has worked with several local councils (Auckland City Council, Kapiti Coast District Council, Hamilton City Council and Christchurch City Council) to identify the possible barriers to sustainable buildings within local government. Our goal is to develop tools which councils can use to review and refine their own procedures, processes and regulations.


Tanksalot tank

Rainwater tank. Photo supplied by Tanksalot.


Solar panel, Papakowhai house


Solar panel, Papakowhai house