Using social media to change behaviour in homes

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In 2016 Beacon welcomed Unitec communications student PJ Chou as an intern.  The task we gave PJ was to test using social media platforms to show students how to change the way they managed their homes.

This project recognised that behaviour is a key part of improving home performance.  An efficient heater will not save money and energy, for example, if it is left on while noone is home.

With this in mind, the project focused on ten simple changes students could make in their houses or flats:

  1. Wet laundry belongs outside
  2. Welcome in fresh air - open your windows to remove stale moist air
  3. Hello sunshine! Open your curtains and let  light in during the day
  4. Close curtains when the sun starts to set to trap heat in
  5. Get rid of mould - spray with white vinegar, let it set, then wipe off with soap and water
  6. Draught stopping - cold gets in and heat goes out through door gaps - use a rolled up towel
  7. Use extractor fans or open windows in bathrooms and kitchens to get rid of moisture
  8. No to unflued gas heaters!
  9. Keep a lid on it!  Cook with lids on pots
  10. Don’t overwater indoor pot plants

We called these ‘Healthy Home Hacks’ - ten things to do to keep healthier in your homes.

Healthy Home hacks

The campaign

PJ set up a Healthy Home Hacks website which she populated with a series of blogs and background information.

She supplemented this with a Facebook page and an Instagram account.

Articles were published in Unitec student media to draw attention to the campaign.

The campaign was necessarily short, given the length of internship.  PJ’s report on the campaign is below.

Did you know ...

drying one load of clothes inside can release 5 litres of moisture into your house?

  • Damp air is bad for your health (especially asthma)
  • Damp air encourages mould to grow - mould can be toxic
  • Damp air is harder to heat

Dry your clothes outside